Helen Chen


An IoT device that helps you build a stronger relationship with and take better care of your plants.

MFA Products of Design,
School of Visual Arts

Becky Stern

Electronics, Arduino,
IoT, Product Design,
3D Prototyping,
UX/UI Design

Sproutly: Becoming a Better Plant Parent

Sproutly is an IoT device that helps people build a stronger relationship and take better care of their plants. It is coded through Arduino using sound and moisture sensors. Through IFTTT, it will send you text reminders to talk to your plant daily and water it when needed.

This project was initiated through a personal desire to become more aware of my plants’ needs to and track its growth progress. During the research process, I came to learn that the act of talking to your plants benefits their health—the emission of carbon dioxide from one’s breath will help them grow. In addition to this, plants often only serve a decorative purpose for many people. By using Sproutly to get people to talk to their plants, the intention is to encourage a deeper understanding and appreciation of them.

Sproutly is an open-sourced device and you can build your own by following these instructions on Instructables.


A product video demonstrating how Sproutly is used:

Sproutly consists of two main parts: it has a moisture and light sensor (Adafruit Chirp!) that will track the plant's physical healthiness and a sound detection microphone (Adafruit microphone amplifier) that is installed to encourage the user to speak with their plants.

The device will flash a green light to remind the user to speak with their plants twice a day and when it is in need of water or needs to be moved away or closer to light. Sproutly will stop flashing once they have attended to their plant’s needs. In addition. through IFTTT, the user will receive text alerts/reminders of what the plant needs.


Building circuits to create a network of sensors, and fitting them into a small product.


All the components used to build the device.

Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 2.06.44 PM.png

Testing individual sensors to respectively code in Arduino before combining components.

Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 2.09.07 PM.png


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